Survey Form (World Cup) - Feedback appreciated!


Still no idea what I’m doing, but now there’s a form. Would appreciate anybody’s feedback, as I feel pretty clueless. Cheers!

Nice clean layout and I like the font selection as well.

If I can make some small suggestion,

  • I would push the submit button down next to the reset button to make it look cleaner.
  • Also, I would probably line up the bottom three labels with the corresponding input/text boxes.

Otherwise really good work. =)

Looking good!

I really like the choice of colour, makes the page pop!

However as @Webnell also mentioned the submit button is placed a bit off. I noticed though when shrinking the viewport the button pops down right next to the reset button.
Maybe try resizing the viewport to get an impression of how different screen sizes will affect your page’s appearance!

Good luck with the rest of the projects!

Thanks @Erma32 and @Webnell, really appreciated. No idea how I missed that damn button. Must be the perils of working on a small screen and not checking enough!

Have now overhauled the whole page so the form is in a grid. Everything lines up nice and neatly, and the buttons stay where they’re put like good soldiers. Hallelujah.

Your welcome. It looks really nice =)

Nice work btw, it looks like you are an english fan. Well Good luck!

Thanks! Didn’t quite pan out…