Survey Page Dunder Mifflin

Hey guys, I finished my Survey Page. I made this one with “mobile first” in mind so it should be responsive on all screen sizes.

My biggest concern with this project is my HTML structure.

Project Link -

The golden ticket at the top is great! Also, I like that I can feel some personality come across in your design. I viewed it first on my desktop, and then on my phone, both using chrome. Not sure if it is just something particular to my device, but I could not get the golden ticket to display at all on my phone. Regardless, very nice work!

Thank you!

That should be correct. Reason being is that the mobile version should only contain the important stuff and then the desktop version has the nice effects (Thats what i was told… could be wrong tho). The hover effect seems kinda glitchy on mobile because you can’t really hover… more of a click. Which worked but I just decided to take it out.

Terrific! :grinning: