Survey Page Feedback [First Draft]

It could still use some fine-tuning, but I’m happy with how it looks. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to handle it, especially the code. I wish things were more linked together and organized, so I could use some tips for that, rather than treating a lot of things so separately.

For example, I really struggled to get space between the “Name” and “E-mail” parts. I think part of the problem is because I handled the text and the fields as separate things when I wanted them to be linked together in the same box.

I’m happy with the title and description. At some point I want to add a white box that doesn’t stretch the entire width of the screen, but I think ti’s fine for now. If I DID do it, though. I’m guessing I would need to wrap the title and description in a div, then somehow push the right side of the border of the box in.

Although I am not planning on using this survey for real, I do want to know for if I DO create a real survey, how do I link it to my email account? I think it is shown in the freeCodeCamp example survey, but I want to know for sure for future purposes.

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I think it’s brilliant!!! It looks really good … !! The only change I would make would be the description … the dark text is not easily readable because of the cookie’s picture on the background.
Well done, i really like it :slight_smile: