Survey-page project 29

Hii …guys i am this survey page. So,I want you guys give feedbacks so i can improve this servey page better and effectively… :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you

It looks great, but you can still add some more styling and play around with it for instance:
-change the font.
-add styling to your text field like border-radius: and adding margin: and padding: properties to make it look nicer.
Great job :slight_smile:


sure i will do it…
thanks for reply…^-^

Hi @sammm29!

I agree with @ErFy.

And I think you should put for on your <label> to increase the usability of your page.

And you can put the <script> in other place, because everything that you write on codepen is inside the <body>, like the image above:

yaaa…buddy i will made a change asap
thanks for feedback bro…