Survey Page -Samuel E

Please some one should help me go through my survey page

I need to know if the color makes sense
I also need to know how it appears on your mobile device and if not, please what should I do???

Countries: I think there’s a script that lists it all and doesn’t span 100s of lines of HTML
Really good though

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Did you just say Nice work???
Thanks so much, I literally never saw it that nice…

And about the script, thanks so much also so for making me crave for js. As for now, my level is still html-Css base’s

Nice, but I would suggest using bootstrap and widen the form a bit. it is a little wierd to keep seeing <hr> tags in there and maybe use the border-radius css property to sand down the sharp corners a bit…

Please help me do that so I can learn from it…I barely understand bootstrap

If you have an idea, please help me do that

@PapiCode, keep learning HTML and CSS. When you do get to bootstrap it will be easier to understand.

For your project, codepen provides you with validators for HTML, CSS and JS. Click on the arrow in the upper right and click on the respective ‘Analyze’ link. You have some issues in HTML that should be cleaned up.

As an aside, an asterisk on a field in a form denotes that the field is required. Since you are only checking name, email and age you should remove the asterisk from the other fields.

Overall you did a nice job. Clean up the validation errors though.

Thanks so much Roma
I respect all what you said and I’ll do as you said…

Once again, thanks so much

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