Survey Page! :)

Finished my survey page!

Originally planed to have questions set up into two columns, but was struggling to get them placed into my container (“main-survey”) correctly, so I just went with centered.

I also struggled getting the SUBMIT button to change color out of the original grey, so I will have to research that.

Any feedback is welcome! Thanks for taking a look!

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Hi but is the project finished? I can’t see it well from mobile :blush:

Hey Maurizio,

Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

Yes, I thought the project was finished but from your comment it sounds like it’s not responsive. Is the layout making it look bad? Or are things too small / too big? I don’t have a working smartphone to check myself, otherwise I would lol.


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If you use chrome as a desktop browser you can open the dev tools and change the view to simulate a mobile device.


Zamora 54 gave you great advice :wink:

Oh wonderful! Thanks!