Survey problem, label

Hello, I have problem with coloring label tag. I did backgrond-color for them by

background-color: ;

Why it didn’t get color from parent element? Or I made something badly?

#email-label, add your next label here {
  background-color: red;
  position: absolute;

will work

Why I should use position absolute?
Read about this and try to answer why i would use it
Can you find the sollution? what answer have you found

It won’t remain in the natural flow of the page. But there will be more than one label. If I set them to absolute I will have to set each of them manually like top:50px; left: 150px; and next top: 60px; left: 150px; It will be correct also?

It can but beware if you scale it down it will stay in the same position.
In this case i was using absolute to make sure the element would’t get of the page since that is what the natural flow of the page can do somethimes