Survey project centering check boxes and comments field

Hi all,
I have been working on the HTML/CSS Survey Project. for some reason the bottom of my survey page is wonky. Can someone point me in the direction I should go to get the words to line up next to the check boxes. And also how to get the comments section to be to the right of the words. I’m researching but everything I have tried thus far has not worked.

Hi, I think it would be more helpful if you can show us your code


Here is a link to the Codepen with my code. I’m still a newbie so if there is another way of sharing please let me know.

Codepen to project #2

You forgot a closing div after all your checkbox section.
And I suggest enclosing your button within a div with class ‘rightTab’

Thank you so very much! What a difference that makes! I appreciate your feedback immensely.