Survey project feedback

Hi everyone - here is my first effort at the survey project.

MisterAG’s Survey Project (imaginary feedback for portfolio project)

Can you please tell me your thoughts?



Nicely Done in my books!.. Don’t really have anything else to comment on it… Keep up the good work :+1:

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Very slick! What’s the purpose of the “pick a number” and unchangeable date fields? Or are they just to fulfill requirements? I’ve never seen button effects like that. Nicely done. :smiley:

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Oh yes, now that’s I call a great design, well done! very good. great!

This work is great pal, very good. It’s responsive. very good, but has one very small issue.
For css rules at line 154 in css, add box-sizing: border-box; for those rules. Now it’s great.

One small issue I would tell you, and it’s about the element selection using tab.
When you click on very 3 first checkbox buttons, a sub panel is appear has more items(some checkbox) on it.
So when non of the first 3 checkboxes are selected, this panel is hidden by default, but elements are selectable by tab.

when page is loaded, press tab. browser focus on next focusable element which is “Direct link from MisterAG” radio button in your page.
Now when you press tab again, and again it goes to next focusable elements.
Now do it till you reach checkbox “I’m looking for information or solutions.”
Now as none of the 3 first checkbox are selected, and sub panel is hidden. User supposed to go to next checkbox(“I’m looking for human connection.”) by next tab, but browser goes to first element in hidden sub panel.

Same story about “Other goal” and its sub panel. I hope I could explain it clear.

Fix is easy, one solution is disable all checkboxes inside the sub panel when panel is hidden. so browser won’t focus them by tab.

I also suggest let those sub panels visible all the time, and just disable/enable elements when needed.

You really did a great job pal, well done.

Keep going on great work, happy programming.

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Thank you, Azdrian! I appreciate the compliment. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the kind feedback, Kallistrate! The pick a number was silly, I used it to meet a requirement but I couldn’t think of a good use for a numeric field, in context.

The date field - I was thinking that if I used this in real life I would like to have a date stamp, but I thought I would auto-calculate that so that the user doesn’t have to waste time on it. Do you know of a way to send date information without the user seeing it?

NULL_dev, thank you very much for pointing out that problem! I did not even think about navigating using the TAB button. I will fix that issue.

Thank you for the very kind feedback.