Survey project: help me to find a mistake in the code

Hi again. I seemed to find a way to cope with the survey, but why did half of my code (starting from “What do you like most in FCC:”) move to the right side?,css,output

all 3 radios have to have the same name you have 3 different names for each

Alright, but why did the dropdowns and the checkbox etc move to the right side?

im not quite sure because youve coded a lot different than i would, im not sure what effects the table is is having on the code i would try and make it without the table and just use divs to align the text up

Having so many divs to layout your elements is probably a bit much. Have you considered using css grid to control your layout?

On that note, I see what you mean by some of your elements sticking to the right side. Double check your syntax (are the appropriate tags closed in appropriate places?)

There are two issues, first the you forgot to add forward slash for the closing tag of the div with class ‘right’ in “How likely is that you would recommend freeCodeCamp to a friend?” part. i.e. you wrote <div> instead of </div>.

Second there is extra closing </div> tag just before <button id="submit" type="submit">Submit</button>, you should remove it.

In addition may be you should enclose labels and inputs within a div, in a div with class ‘right’ in <div id="checkboxSection"> to display them in block instead of inline as they are currently are…

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Thanks a lot! Was very helpful

Thank you too, a grid is a good idea