Survey project help needed

Dear all,
can you explain why when I open my project on mobile’s chrome browser all the Paragraphs and textareas remain with bigger font size but the labels are small? When I see it on Desktop with Chrome inspect tool I dont see such problem.
Here is my project!

I attach screenshot of my phone.


Hey Kalina,

nice to meet you! :wave:

My guess:

  • every browser has an in-built browser style
  • they can differ (device type, size, company etc.)

Here you can see an example:

Left side is my daily Firefox, right side Chromium. There are small differences in font sizes, font family, padding etc.

This is way you sometimes want to use a CSS reset

Hey, there!
So if I understand right, the problem isn’t in my code?
I’ve opened the survey on other mobile devices and there was no problem.
I think I will try a CSS reset when I am more confident with what I am doing,
Thanks for the heads up!