Survey project image cut off on the right on mobile

The image is a girl on a path, but when I go down to mobile the image of the girl on the right is cut off. I don’t have a photo editor to cut off the left side of the image. How can i correct this?

Also, I spent a whole day trying to find a color that works with the background image.

Any help is appreciated. i will come back to this.

I looked at your code and noticed you had the background-position property set to center.

.background {
    background-position: 60%;

You could put this in an @media rule if you want.

Also, about your colors-- I found this for you:
(I just plugged in your image and clicked around until I found some colors that I thought looked good-- feel free to upload your own image and find one you like)

I tried that with 50% and just now with 60%, it just leaves a big white, right margin. I think I need to photo edit it, but I don’t want to spend the money on the software for a learning assignment.

Thanks though for your help.

I ended up cropping the photo.