Survey Project Problem - <script src=""></script> does not work

I have a problem with since it does not work in my Codepen.

I had the same problem yesterday (I noticed in the end that when i separated (give one empty line in between) one particular element to the next (I forget which element was that, but maybe between form and p), it worked.
And after some more codes, it worked perfectly doesn’t matter if i give empty line or not.

However, after I continue again, I just noticed that it did not work again… :expressionless:

I tried many things like changing the position (start/end/before body closing) and recheck if I did typo…
But I still cannot find it.

Here is the link:

Is there any mistake there?

Thank you!

You need to add min and max for the “number” input like:
<input type="number" id="number" placeholder="Your age here" min="5" max="100">

Hey! It does help for one challenge that I didn’t pass. Thank you!
As for my CDN, I think it has something to do with my poor internet yesterday. It works already this morning.