Survey Project Review/pointers

Hi there! I just completed the survey project and wanted some opinions on it!

Style/code pointers etc. gladly accepted!

I tried modeling the style/structure on the template as much as I could. Mostly used mozilla dev and chrome dev tools for troubleshooting.

Thanks for the feedback!

addboling Survey Project

Hey @addboling!

I think your form looks good.

Remember that your projects only need to be functionally similar not stylistically similar to the FCC samples. So as loon as the tests pass you don’t have to model it after the sample.

A few things

  • You need to verify your email so we can see the full page view.

  • In codepen, you don’t need to include the html, doctype, or head tags. Codepen takes care of all that for you. If you need to include links for the head section you can do so in the html settings.

  • You have a few errors in your html and css. Run your code through the codepen analyzers to fix those errors. A lot of them have to deal with ids and classes needing double quotes.

Okay, thank you for that! I just verified my email, so you should be able to see full page.

I hate to say it, but I’m not all that visually inclined when it comes to design and what not, haha. I liked the way the template looked, it was a nice design!

I’ll definitely do that to see what the errors are. Thanks so much for the reply!

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And just to clarify, I am wondering why I’ve seen a lot of code with single quotes, rather than double?

Also, is it considered bad practice to have empty ID’s in CSS? I know they’re necessary, but I don’t always need to specify specific parameters for each individual ID’s.

It seems to work either way but alot of documentation like MDN uses double quotes. Even FCC teaches it with double.

I personally like to use classes for styling and ids for javascript. But obviously in this project you have to include ids in the html but you don’t have to style each of them if you don’t want to.

Awesome, thank you so much for clearing that up!