Survey project so far

This is my latest project HTTP://
Give me your opinion…

You’re not passing all tests. Check your ids. It’s hard to read maybe give all the content a light background color with partial opacity so we can still se the background image.

Except use the same background for all the survey content.

wow! nice job!
I would suggest you add some box shading to your text as they are pretty hard to read.
At all else, really great!

Hey, @tlc35us, I think you posted feedback on the wrong project.

@ConnerOw1115 not at all. Just showing an example of opacity enhancing readability without blocking the background. Re-used a screenshot of something I already had instead of making a new one.

so see what i have done now took your advise good call…now im trying to figure out the error thing out that it says im not requiring a feild…

You didn’t put the required id on the first couple input fields.

The first character inside the quotes of the placeholder attribute is the space character. Maybe that’s the problem.

Yellow text on white is hard to read do you want to do something for the text outside of the form?

Good Job!