[Survey][reworked] All feedback is welcome

Just finished Survey Project:

Feedback is really appreciated.

Hello Patryk,

First bug first

Not sure if it’s easy enough to press space on mobile device. Also your layout is not responsive and broken for mobile.

Personally I didn’t like this way for a form. It should allow user to get back to previous step too. Same going to next /previous should be available with some UI elements like buttons too.

And one bad bug, for the first text field I wanted to type “Hello World”, but seems space key triggered to go to the next step, this is not good.

Please rework it pal, I suggest simple and normal flow content layout for your work.

Happy coding.

You are right @NULL_dev :slight_smile:

I focused on displaying individual questions and… completely forgot about mobile devices and etc.
I will rework this and update thread.

Thanks for a broader view on the matter.

EDIT: Reworked.