Survey/Support Form Project Feedback

Here is my submitted project for the survey form:

I decided to change it up slightly and make a support form instead of a survey form, but it essentially is the same.
I appreciate any feedback!

Good work! Few suggestions.

  • I would style your input boxes by giving them some paddings.
  • Enable selecting radio/checkboxes by clicking on corresponding labels.
  • Center submit button.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Aesthetically pleasing page. Not much issue I could see. Viewed on iPhone 8 and your grid-container is not centering.

Also your #description max-width is missing a semicolon.

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Hi JobanM,

Nice work :+1:

I do have a suggestion from a usability point of view to make your labels clickable instead of just the checkbox/radio buttons - there is some information on labels here from W3Schools

Happy coding :smiley:

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that form is really nice, but it is compacted together too tightly. maybe add padding and margin to space it out, or use bootstrap to make it better. (you can find that in the front-end libraries section).

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