SW Weather app feedback

Let me know what you think, seems to be a weird bug where the location get messed up, randomly says I’m in Japan instead of Canada. Must be dropping the minus of longitude?

You can’t really tell alot but have a look at the code and you can tell what it will do under different conditions.

I made a really great wind direction arrow, and then realized that wind direction wasn’t in the json, so reminder to double check before writing a feature :slight_smile:

if you comment out line 67 and un-comment 68 you can play with the weather conditions https://openweathermap.org/weather-conditions and temperature to see the results manually.

Also using cloudinary.com which lets you host images and do some awsome transforms just in the url, check it out if you have never seen it, super handy!


Nice project. for me the location its working but its a known bug with the weather api reporting a default city in japan