Swapping Text on Click


I’m trying to switch between weather description, cloud coverage percent, wind speed/direction, and humidity on the click of a button w/ id=description for my local weather app.

Right now, I’m testing this function with the text “A”,“B”,“C”, and “D” and there’s a bug:

When I hit my “#getWeather” button, everything works fine: I can hit the “#description” button and it displays
A,B,C,D in order. But after I hit the “#getWeather” button again, the “#description” button gets pretty wonky

To switch between the html, I made this function:

 else if(changeDescription===2){
else if(changeDescription===3){

I also set var changeDescription=1 globally and reset the changeDescription=1 if the #getWeather button is clicked.

Here is the codepen: https://codepen.io/rhuss623/pen/yELzBK

Any help is appreciated!!!

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