Sweep as element in SQL database

I am working as a hardware test engineer. We perform tests on integrated circuits.
Up until now we have done everything in Matlab but have decided to change to Python and store measurement data in a database.
So I have taken some Python courses to prepare myself.

In FCC Scientific Computing for Python there was a section about databases.
I probably need to learn some more, but there is one thing I can’t really let go:

We typically measure sweeps, e.g. we measure output power vs frequency
The frequency vector will be constant, but the output power will be swept over temperature, supply voltage, device number etc.
To me it seems like this measured output power list would be the optimal “element” in a database.
Is this possible? I’ve only seen examples where one field is one integer, float or string.
Can one field be an array?

To use databases for these kinds of measurement have surely been done by others many times. So there must be some simple solution.
To me it seems stupid to have one point in a sweep to take up one row in a table.
This point will never be used without the other points and it has the same relation to all other parameters…

Is my question understandable?
I hope someone can help me or point me in a better direction.

I’m not quite sure I get your exact situation (I may need to just read your post a few more times), but yup, all databases you’re likely to use support array fields, for example here’s Postgres’ implementation:

Thanks. That sounds really good!

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