Swift and python recommend

Hey everyone. I have a quick question from the software developers in the field? I found out my brother wants to learn these types of codes. I am not familiar with backend programming. I was wondering if he should start with these first or not. he learned dos and maybe c back when he was in high school.
I know he has been doing IT for a past company i heard for a bit. What are your suggestions for him.

Depends what he wants to do.

Python is a swiss army knife language used from automation scripts, back-end web services, to being the primary “data science” language, to being a high-level language to run high performance C code. It’s a very flexible, and approachable language, with the main disadvantage of not being as fast as something like Java, or Go, which may or may-not matter for what your doing.

Swift is Apple’s programming language. As with most things Apple, go with this route if you want to “play” on their OS. Otherwise dont.

Depends, just picking between two languages without any context is similar to:

“What’s the best tool for the job, a hammer or a knife?” The context of what “the job” or goal is matters more than the individual tool.

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