Swift Curriculum

Is there any way to build a Swift Foundation curriculum on freeCodaCamp?

I would like to develop a Swift Foundation course on the freecodecamp platform.

Can you help me with that? I can assembly the curriculum, and I rather have it on your site than elsewhere, and I also do not want to focus on the UI, if I can use your excellent tested one.

The reasons are the following:

  • The data science field is turning to languages that do not have the limitations as python.
    • S4FT
    • fastai-swift
  • It also will be a good start for aspiring IOS developers, for learning the basics in a guided manner.
  • Moreover, Swift can be compiled into web assembly so the foundations could be held in the browser.
    • swiftwasm

(I cannot include links yet, so please google these)

These things could empower the new developer with new tools, and also from the data science perspective if your code runs faster, you can do more with less hardware.

Please let me know where can I start.

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I think you would need to start on the github repository (where you need to advance your proposal), and on he contributing guide (can’t link them now sorry)
Note that freecodecamp is transitioning to a project based curriculum, instead of the current disjointed challenges (if you have it present like for the CatPhotoApp in the HTML/CSS section, but for everything)