Switch to learn.freecodecamp?

I just started freecodecamp.org 1 month ago and just hit the advanced front end development projects. I’ve now realised that the ‘new’ freecodecamp curriculum is out on learn.freecodecamp.org. It looks like the curriculum is much more complete in this new course especially going into the data visualisation section. My questions are: how complete is learn.freecodecamp? are the certifications as recognised as the original freecodecamp? Is there any reason i shouldn’t switch or that i should know before switching?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

For some beyond-my-comprehension reason, learn.freecodecamp shows ‘surf safely-site prohibited’ on my Internet. :confused:

When everything is lined up and ready to go, you’ll see an announcement and also freecodecamp.org will bring you to the new curriculum. You certainly can check out the new stuff before it’s ready. One thing to keep in mind is that if you create an account for the site that is still in beta testing, that account will be deleted when the new FCC goes live.