Switching jobs prep as mid-level engineer

I’m currently working as a mid-level full stack SWE (Angular/Java + Oracle). I’m looking to start applying for new jobs beginning of 2024, for fully remote work and hopefully higher pay. I know would need to brush up on my DSA skills to be confident for the coding interview. Would it be too much to try and AIM to get a few Cloud certs in that time as well? Thanks!

I’m unsure how much cloud certs would help if your a mid-level developer. If you have experience working with a cloud you should have carry-over practical experience. If you don’t you could get a cert to get more familiar with the basics, but odds are you wont be the one working with the cloud infrastructure all the time.

I’d recommend “working backwards”. I’d look at job posts in your area, even if you want to be remote and see what appears. Going full remote is getting a little harder today, as more companies are switching to a hybrid model. So sticking to companies physically near you should net vastly more opportunities that are easier to get, than trying to grab some of the few full remote jobs out there.

Once you find some jobs to use as a reference, see what they are looking for to get a gauge for what you’d want to focus on to increase your chances. It could be similar to what you already know, or totally different. Its mostly up to you :+1:

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Thanks @bradtaniguchi ! I looked up job posts last night and it does look like for SWE roles, it would be more helpful to have more in-depth practical experience in software development—or even particular tech stack. This is actually more interesting for me. I suppose the cloud thing was mostly due to my manager who kept on suggesting that getting the certs would help me in terms of meeting KPIs as a measurement of growth, although as you mentioned there are different teams within our organisation that handle the cloud infrastructure stuff

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