Symmetric Difference: run properly in my editor(Atom) but got error when tested by Freecodecamp

My code run properly in my editor(Atom) but got error when tested by Freecodecamp, error message: arr.filter is not a function

You can have a look at my code:

Symmetric Difference
U(A,B) - n(A,B)
function uniqueArr(arr) {

  return arr.filter(function(item, pos){
    return arr.indexOf(item) == pos;


function interset(arr1, arr2) {
  var union = [];
  var uniqueArr1 = uniqueArr(arr1);

  var uniqueArr2 = uniqueArr(arr2);

  union = arr1.filter(function(value){
    if (uniqueArr2.indexOf(value) > -1) {
      return value;
  return union;

function sym(args) {
  var newArr = [];
  for (var key in arguments) {
  var concatedArr = newArr.reduce(function(a, b){
    var uniqueArr1 = uniqueArr(a);
    var uniqueArr2 = uniqueArr(b);

    var intersetNums = interset(uniqueArr1, uniqueArr2);

    return uniqueArr1.concat(uniqueArr2).filter(function(value) {
      if (intersetNums.indexOf(value) < 0) {
        return value;
  return concatedArr.sort(function(a, b) {
    return a - b;

console.log(sym([1, 2, 3], [5, 2, 1, 4]));

Any idea why, thanks?

So, that’s odd. I just tried your code on codepen and then in the challenge and it passed just fine. (although it yelled about a couple missing semicolons.)

Maybe you had a typo or a stray extra character?
Try clearing the challenge field and then pasting in the code you pasted here.

I think I found your problem! Are you using Firefox?

Thanks for your replay. I just Reset the challenge and pasted the code again but it sill doesn’t work, quite strange.:sweat:

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No, I use safari~ Should I give chrome a try?:slight_smile:

Safari Might have the same issue as Firefox: as an experiment. try moving your function definitions above the sym function.

(Firefox will sometimes yell at your when you call a function that wasn’t defined above where you called it.)

Wow~ I tried in Chrome and it passed . But it won’t pass in Safari even I moved uniqueArr and interest above sum as you suggest, possible a bug?

probably more in how Safari interprets JS. If you want to keep experimenting, I’d try putting them inside sym and see what happens.

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I thought I’d download Safari and give it a try myself, but apparently there isn’t a current version for Windows.

Just have a try, I put these two help functions inside sym, but the issue still exist.

Odd. :confused: I have no idea then. Maybe there’s a mac user that would know.

I tried it in Safari 9 and it works perfectly.

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I got a similar message but the problematic “array” was arguments. I used Array.from(arguments) instead.