Syncing devices

Hi everyone,I’m a few days and lessons into my first coding experience ever.So far so good but can someone tell me how to sync my devices so I don’t have to be going over the same thing whenever I switch?Thanks in advance.

Hi @Dadona10, welcome to the forum.
The information that you passed a challange/lesson is stored on the server side and it will be the same no matter what device you use.
There is no need for any synching.

Edit: what is not saved as far as I remember, is the solution you gave to the challenge. I think it’s for a problem of space. If I’m wrong, I hope a moderator will correct me.

It’s local storage, as in, local to your browser. What @simonebogni says is correct. Your current state is not living on a server somewhere, there isn’t really anything to sync, unfortunately

Thanks for such quick responses guys.So bare with me here I just want to make sure I’m clear on what you’re saying.If storage is local to my device’s browser and let’s say hypothetically that I am at challenge 3 on my tablet and challenge 10 on my pc am I simply stuck with individually going through challenge 4 to 10 again on my tablet to catch up,with no skipping forward to 10?If that’s the case I’ll just have to live with that.Thanks again.

Yes, local storage is a specific thing that allows programs to store data, but it’s local to the current browser. Overall progress but save, so you shouldn’t need to redo anything (note also that certification is based on specific challenges, not everything, so you can just skip), but it won’t allow easily jump between the two I’m afraid, sorry, it would be a very nice thing, but not viable atm!

Got it DanCouper,thanks a mil!