Syntax I've never seen

Hello I am working on a React weather project and I’ve come across syntax that I’ve never seen before can anyone help it looks like it might be a variation of the ternary operator? If you can could you also link some links to MDN article explaining this syntax many thanks.

if (!response?.woeid) return;

I am getting a object response from an API that has a property called woeid but I don’t understand this syntax. can you explain what this line of code is saying thanks so much

This is called an optional chaining.

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You can read this article about it

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Edit: The very short version is it returns undefined instead of blowing up.

let obj = { name: 'John' }
// 'John'
obj = null
// Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'name')
// undefined
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It is relatively new in JS so it is not covered in FCC curriculum or many other JS tutorials. But it is really cool.

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Thank you your reply was very helpful.

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