Syntax question about this example. Destructuring I believe?

I was doing some reading outside of FCC and came across this example. The line that is commented out is what I was expecting and I don’t understand how the other version works. I expect it’s some form of destructuring but not sure.

let list = [{ title: "Rad Red" }, { title: "Lawn" }, { title: "Party Pink" }];

const addColor = (title, array) => array.concat({ title });
//const addColor = (title, array) => array.concat({ title:title });

console.log(addColor("Glam Green", list));

In the line that is commented out I understand how the .concat method is passed in an object consisting of a key / value pair. The version that isn’t commented though derives that key / value pair info just from {title} which is the part that confuses me.

Do you mean the object property shorthand form?

Yep! That’s it, I just couldn’t google up the name of what that technique was called.

Thank you.

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