System Architecture and Product Design

Hello everyone
Does anyone has an idea on
"What does a "Software Architecture and Design Engineer " does ?"
I am joining an organization which is offering me that position but its more of an internship kind of thing where i will have to rise above my fellow competitors in order to get a permanent job.

Sounds like you are designing how the application will work.

It’s an unusual title for sure - could you post the job description and requirements?

In my experience, I’m used to Architect being a senior role. It’s pretty much what it sounds like: you design the structure of an application.

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sure - “architect” occurs in “architecture” - it’s the usage and title “Software Architecture and Design Engineer” that makes no sense to me - also it would be the height of absurdity - oxymoronic even - to have an internship for a software architect position

Yes, weird.

Software Architect isn’t a position you open to an intern. It’s a senior level position. Very high level, lots of human interfacing, planning and meetings, and probably very little to no coding at all.

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And they are offering a training on it.
If i am able to get an “A” grade in all the assignments. They will give the offer otherwise they will terminate me at that very moment when i get a B,C or D

So is it an internship for “System Architecture and Product Design Engineer”? This too is an unusual title - titles are meaningless without a job description and requirements - is that why you’re asking? Because that’s all you’ve been told? This is strange to say the least

What country and region is this internship located in?

Is it an academic institution with assignments and grading? Can you provide examples of the assignments?

I do not know the assignments yet
I am skeptical to join as of now

The payment is quite high thats why i am thinking of giving it a shot
its like if i win i win big and if i lose i am on road

Just talk to them about what the job is. NBD