Ta-Dah! Front End Cert in the bag!

Super excited to join the ranks of Front End Certification holders… :blush: Wow it feels so good and I really am amazed with how far Ive come since Challenge number one.

In other pretty nifty news… about 2 weeks ago while buried in code and absolutely delirious from lack of sleep, At 4am I decided it was a great idea to submit my application to LaunchCode and take the coding exam. Okay no, not one of my best ideas at all :laughing: Was pretty sure that was done for because I was sure I did horribly, but yesterday I got an email from them saying theyve reviewed my exam and application and would like to schedule an interview. So Im pretty stoked!!

LaunchCode (https://www.launchcode.org/) is only in I think 6 cities, but they help people who are self taught and have never worked a professional web dev job before to set them up in paid apprenticeships. I think it would be a great opportunity…I searched on here and only saw LaunchCode mentioned in two posts from a long while ago…so if anyone has any info to share with me I really would love to hear it.

As far as next steps… Im halfway through CS50, just started in on the Python portion of the class, and also decided to take the Programming Fundamentals with Python course on Udacity. Im also working my way through P1xt’s Get Job Ready Guide and reading JavaScript Allonge at the moment. I should probably give myself a lil beak, but knowing me, Ill jump into the FCC Back End cert by days end. So…this def is not it for me, I still have so much more to go…but loving every moment…and very excited for this milestone today. Thanks for reading :blush:


Cool, good for you.

I didn’t know about launch code - I’ll have to check them out. My dream right now would be to get a paid apprenticeship, enough that I could quit my teaching job and just learn about coding. Good luck to both of us.

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Very interesting! You’ll have to post a follow up so we all know how it goes.
I also just finished the front end track this week and heard about P1xt’s guides the other day (reading my way through YDKJS , seems like some difficult material).
You seem to be very self motivated and very active on the forums, and I’m sure thats the kind of attitude employers are looking for.

Good luck!
and Congratulations on the Cert!

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Thank you!! Yeah unfortunately LaunchCode is only in a handful of cities… but they are expanding… they just started here in Miami a couple years ago and I think it was just last year they started in Kansas City…hopefully they’ll expand to your area soon. For sure, being in an apprenticeship and literally getting paid to learn while being mentored would be incredible. Fingers crossed that you find something similar and that they give me a shot.

Thanks! and yes I sure will update. Yeah, YDKJS is a very difficult read… I had my moments where I was telling myself, okay but, what if I dont read it and just pretend I did :laughing: But P1xt wrote so, so…so many times that yes its hard, its not meant to be easy its meant to teach you something…so I buckled up. Its not like by the end its not like I understood everything…but, when I came across something somewhere else, it was familiar to me cause I already read about it in YDKJS. Allonge is like a walk in the park in comparison, but…if I had read Allonge first I wouldve thought it was brutally hard too so, all things relative.

I really appreciate your kind words! I do hope you’re right…Im putting my heart into this and it would be great for a future employer to see that and give me an opportunity…

Wow! Congrats!!! That’s great news!