Table user input javascript

Hey My code does not seem to work.I want to assign a number to every order and create a table based on user input. But when I try to create the table nothing appens, I have added my code below so you all can see what could be my problem

    <form id="orderer">
    <input type="text">
    <form id="condiments">
    <option value="Mayo">Mayo</option>
    <option value="BBQ">BBQ</option>
    <option value="Ketchup">Ketchup</option>
    <form id="payment">
    <input type="checkbox" id="cash" name="cash" value="cash">
   <label for="cash"> Cash</label><br>
  <input type="checkbox" id="creditCard name="creditCard" value="creditCard">
<label for="creditCard"> Credit Card</label><br>
<input type="checkbox" id="venmo" name="venmo" value="venmo">
<label for="venmo"> Venmo</label><br>
    <form id="tips">
    <input type="number">
    <button id="order" onclick="orderNumber++" >Order</button>
                <tr id="heads">
              <tbody id="bodT">





let orderNumber=0
function table(){
   let customer=document.getElementById("orderer").value
  let condiment= document.getElementById("condiments").value;
  let payment = document.getElementById("payment").value;
  let tips = document.getElementById("tips").value;

  let rows="<tr><td>"+orderNumber+"</td><td>"+customer+"</td><td>"+condiment+"</td><td>"+payment+"</td><td>"+tips+"</td></tr>";

  var btn = document.createElement("TR");

Your code has some syntax errors that will prevent it from working. I noticed at least one missing " in your html, and a missing } in your JS. I’m also pretty sure that your onclick="orderNumber++" isn’t going to work. Why aren’t you just incrementing this variable inside the function that you’re already calling on a click? Then you don’t need two click event handlers.

Do you think just fixing that will make my table work?

Go ahead and try it and find out. Remember to look at your console for JavaScript errors.