Tackle Challenge or Assimilate each challenge

Please be gentle with me, I’m new here.
I’ve been facing my coding challenge for days now,I saw this freecodecamp(I just tried the anchor tag i learnt on the site,lol) through a page I’m following on instagram.
I’ve got a couple of questions and i don’t know if it has been answered several times ,and i feel I’m not the only one facing these questions that needs to be answered:

  1. This donation keeps popping up and I’m always like “maybe later”.It’s a monthly donation, yes. If after I’ve accepted this,Can i stop it at anytime i wish? (You might probably have access to the internet and not have much money. And if you’ve donated, you wouldn’t want your money to waste,lol.)
  2. It’s possible i finish the challenge faster than i expect. Do i need to do it faster or I need to assimilate and understand each challenge well( which i don’t think it’s possible)?

Please be gentle with me, I’m new here.

We are very gentle here. It is a good group of gals and guys and we actively resist rude behavior. Welcome.

  1. There is some discussion of it here. FCC is an NPO and therefore depends on donations. But please don’t donate anything you can’t afford.

  2. You can do it at whatever speed you want, to whatever level of assimilation you want. Some people have some background and aptitude and fly through sections of challenges, and other take their time.

It is a standard question: How deeply should I understand before I move on? Web dev is a very complex subject that is constantly evolving. When you end FCC, it is going to be a little different than when you started. I think worrying too much about getting it all down before moving on can be paralyzing. Learn it, get the idea, and move on. Yes, you will forget a little bit, but at least you understand the concept and it will be easier to pick up when you have to figure it out again. Do that a few times and it will stick. But I’d recommend to keep moving. I wouldn’t go to the other extreme and just type it out but not understand it, but at least try to have a basic understanding of what is going on. As you get more knowledgeable, your spidey-sense will develop for where it will be fruitful to dig deeper and where it’s better to breeze past.

Just keep coding and keep learning new things.