Take good few seconds to move to the next tes

This is about the time it takes to move from having successfully run a test - getting the message, ‘You Rock!’ Submit and go to the next challenge (ctl + enter )
pressing ctl + enter
it takes 20 seconds to move to the next challenge.
Any thought in the matter? is it by design??

I don’t think there is a by-design delay of 20 seconds.

It likely also depends on how busy the site is and which type of challenge it is as well. If you log out and do the same challenges is it quicker?

How can I log out and do the same challenge?
I thought you can only get to the challenges through signing in.

You can technically do the challenges without being signed in.

You only want sign in if you want your progress saved.
Or if you want to submit one of the certification projects.

You can test this yourself by going through any of the challenges, click run test, then go to next challenge.

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It did behave as you described.
Thank you

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