Take Home Projects - Build a Tic Tac Toe Game

Hi, i just completed this mini project, and i wish to get lovely feedback :smiley:

Any type of feedback is welcomed.

Looks good. The mobile view needs a little adjustment because some text and boxes are cut off.

Some ideas

When the players enter their name I would replace “player 1 name” with the name entered and then hide the text box. That way it looks like for example

“WongYC VS Cody”

Also, when you reset I think it should clear the players names and go back to the text box of asking players to enter their name

One more thing when its a tie you have the text

“a Tie”

You could just go ahead and capitalize the a to make it look better or “ITS A TIE” something a long those lines

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All 'n all , it actually looks pretty good. Great job!

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