Take me to your project as a Junior developer!

Hello everyone!! My name is Inna!! I very want to take part on someone team project!! I have started learning JavaScript and would like to practice and try to work in the team!!! If someone has such projects for beginners and desire like me then let’s start working together!!! Thanks!!!

Hello @InnaInna, A couple questions, do you know how to use the DOM Api? Do you know any libraries for JavaScript, like jQuery? What you can also do is do the challenges that FCC already provided on the /learn tab.

Thanks for your questions!! I don’t know how use DOM Api , I did not use jQuery only MDN web docs…but all unknown things I can study if necessary!!

No, jQuery is not a documentation site, It is a JavaScript Library, which means a pre-written JavaScript to make other JavaScript. Here’s an example:
These functions will change a text inside multiple buttons.

  • Without jQuery || Pure JavaScript DOM Api
let deleteBtnText = document.querySelectorAll("delete-btn");
for(let i = 0; i < deleteBtnText; i++) {
  deleteBtnText[i].innerHTML = "Hello";
  • With jQuery

They both do their jobs, jQuery just makes it faster and less typing. You can actually learn jQuery in FCC here

Wow!! That’s great!! I did not know it!! Thanks for information, this is very helpful!! For me as for the beginner to get new things are priceless to get new things from professional!!

Thanks, Nice to know I helped. I’m not really a professional, I’m just like you, a beginner, just a little ahead than you. Just remember, all of use are still learning at something, even the professional ones.

if we are both beginners then let’s start project)) … anyway you are more professional than me and probably already have a few one, and know better how do it!!)

Instead of me taking you to my projects, why not YOU create a project and I will go on with it. Helping you on the way. It will help you learn A LOT then just trying to follow other people’s projects. If you create one, you are going to have a goal that will eventually force you to want to learn new things.

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really? This is a good idea ,I should think

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Great, you can Message me by pressing my profile and then send me the idea and we will discuss how we are going to do this. You can do so like this:

ok!! I had some ideas before now I have to concentrate on it…Thank you a lot!!

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I am also very new and I am trying to build something from basics. If interested let’s build it together.


Hi!! Thanks so much! Yes I am interesting. Exactly !!