Take notes, run code, ?, profit!

Hey, I just found out about this awesome OSS project that I just had to share with everyone. It’s a desktop application where you can take notes with markdown, and have runnable code snippets in the page. I’ve just started using it to document my path through the algorithm challenges. Keeping notes, of the various methods I tried, what worked, what didn’t, why, and etc.

It’s still in Alpha, but I have had zero problems so far. They have versions for Apple, Linux, and Windows. Check it out! nteract

At least on windows it’s as simple as running the installer and double-clicking on the icon. Right away you can start taking notes.

Direct link to the Github page: nteract on Github


Looks great! I think I will give it a try :slight_smile:

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I tried installing it on Ubuntu, I’m a novice to Linux in general but it froze installation at 51%. I will give it a try on Windows :slight_smile:

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Good luck. I guess there’s proof that it’s in Alpha, huh.

This is just like Jupyter Notebooks with pythons

You can already do something similar if you use Atom with the Hydrogen plugin

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