TakeNotes?/ Effective Program?

Hey everyone, I’m pretty new to coding. Do people usually take notes while learning the basic functions of what things do or does everyone kind of wing the whole thing and learn by practice. Also, does the freeCodeCamp program provide enough for someone to actually do adequate professional work? What do university level computer science programs provide that you can not get on programs like freeCodeCamp?


The best way to learn/reinforce what you are learning when first starting to program in any language is to practice what you are learning, that is - learn by doing. You will find that as you progress through the curriculum, by following the proposed Read - Search - Ask method when you are stuck, you will reinforce your learning by reading documentation to help you become unstuck.

What I have found helpful for further practice is to use sites like Exercism for additional practice. Although, I wouldn’t advise using those types of sites (coding challenges) until you get past the FreeCodeCamp Javascript Algorithms and Data structures certification.

Working professionally I can’t really comment as I am currently in the middle of looking for my first job - but you do have the skills necessary to work as a junior fronted developer at a minimum after following the curriculum.

Yes well i do
see here my notebook
Would’t say just FCC also w3schools and developer mozila even then without certificates getting a jobs is very though
What do university-level computer science programs provide that you can not get on programs like freeCodeCamp?
Group projects, debt, real life experience

freecodecamp just teaches web development
if you want to learn some computer science there is this online course from Harvard called “CS50: Introduction to Computer Science” that you can try

freecodecamp will not teach you the theory, or some concepts. The Harvard course could be a good addition. Anyway, you can’t stop learning, the technology is always changing, and that both includes keep updated on the languages you are interested in, or eventual new languages, and also going deep in the theoretical part that a practical course like freecodecamp doesn’t teach


It depends. I take a lot of notes when I’m studying a new language or technology. I almost never look at my notes, I just find the physical act of handwriting my notes to really help me organize and retain information. I do not transcribe code (typically).

If you make an effort to get as much as you can out of freeCodeCamp by spending enough time on each lesson to understand what you’re doing (as opposed to doing them as quickly as you can) and if you put a lot of effort into making the projects into something that you are proud of, then by the time you are done, you will probably have web development skills suitable for professional work. In order to do that, you will have to use resources beyond freeCodeCamp. This isn’t an exhaustive knowledge base. Even if that were possible, only getting information presented in a single way would make you very poorly prepared for “real life” programming. You don’t need any paid resources, but you will have to build the skills of finding and understanding information for lots of resources in order to complete freeCodeCamp effectively.

There’s a lot, and this conversation has happened many times on this forum. I really recommend reading some of the older threads about the pros and cons of college vs bootcamps vs autodidacticism. The forum has a really good search functionality.