Taking all this in?

I’ve been going through all the stages , just starting CSS flex box stage.
And I don’t really feel like I have taken everything in leading up to now.
Do you all go back on you’re learning or just go through each stage the once?
Any help will be much appreciated.

html and css is massive

even expert developers keep googling/consulting documentation for things they don’t use often, and even for things they do to be sure they still remember how it works

don’t worry if you don’t remember everything, try learning how to use the things and try learning how to search on the internet for infos on those things

I wouldnt say your expected to memorize everything you’ve gone through so far, more likely that its just to make you aware of what your able to do.
So when you start on the projects, yes firstly you’ll freeze like a deer in the headlights, but once you start to have an idea in your head, you’ll remember you saw it in an earlier segment that you can make buttons this way, or make a flex box that way.
Then if you need to delve deeper into a particular subject, you have MDN docs or W3schools (which used to get a lot of hate, but has got better)

I did a lot of css, but I only use Basic CSS and Applied Visual Design mostly because I can’t remember it all.
It’s fine not to remember.