Taking hand written notes vs typing

Just curious whether people hand write their notes or type them up? I have just started taking hand written notes but feel like I’m spending 80% of my study time writing notes instead of progressing through the JavaScript curriculum. But I have read that hand written notes are better for memory recall compared to typed notes.

I always hand-write my notes because the act of writing is what helps me. I don’t actually refer back to my notes.


mastery is a slow painstaking process, so don’t worry write the notes.


Thanks for the replies! I will continue to hand write and it will take as long as it will take to complete the course.

I don’t write notes because everything I write goes in one ear and out the other, so to speak, and I never, ever look at them. For me, typing out code and figuring out problems are the ways to learn–but this is individual and we have to learn what works for us.