Taking notes and learning

guys taking notes and learning takes a lot of time for each section is this the best way to learn?

I personally think its different for everybody. I personally don’t take notes because the curriculum is always available for me reference and repeat challenges. Taking notes can however improve focus. You will probably capture some detail that you would miss by just reading. The most important factor is understanding. Repetition is important to make it all stick.


It didn’t really work for me.

I did have a notepad where I would jot down topics that I thought I should study more deeply. But traditional notes? No.

I think more useful would be to get good at googling the docs, finding resources. That is something a dev does several times a day - no one can memorize all of this stuff.

But if you think taking traditional notes helps you, then go for it.


I take notes to help with recalling general concepts, but I don’t rely on them to remember specifics.

To really learn something, I spend a lot of time experimenting with what the exercises cover here at FCC, as well as whatever else I can find: if I don’t use it, I lose it. I also put comments in the code if there’s something particularly interesting or tricky, to help me remember for later.

Google is very helpful, but again, I try to mess around with whatever I find and try to build a better understanding of how the code really works. It does take time, but I believe it’s worth it. :grinning:


Like others stated, everyone has different approach to learn and taking notes is one way of doing it.
As someone who was educated with pen and paper notebook in hand, im used to take down notes as i go thru material and it does help me. True, it might take more time, but to me, it solidifies what i learn. I also advise you to make a revision after finishing each part of the curriculum and also take note of topics you couldnt grasp well and need to work more on.
I still have recursion on top of my list, lol


Writing down notes in a clean, organized way helps me process the information and articulate it in a way that I understand. Then, when I want to use the notebook for something else, I throw them all away. I almost never look at notes, but I really like writing them. I don’t write every new bit of syntax or method that I encounter, but I write about how things work and why.