Taking Notes During Lessons

Hey y’all! I’ve been going through the FCC curriculum for several months now! Passed the responsive web design section and I am now working on JavaScript, which is a handful! A big issue that I have had is how to take notes over what I am learning in each lesson. There is so much to take notes on that my documents are HUGE! Any tips on how to take notes so that I don’t have pages of notes to go through?

Hi @michaelp91 !

You don’t have to take notes on everything.
Just take notes on certain topics that give you the most trouble.
Even then, it doesn’t have to be crazy detailed because that is what documentation is for.

There are plenty of articles and documentation to refer to when you get stuck with the lessons.

So your notes don’t have to be pages long for each topic.

Try reading through some articles and then maybe adding a couple of sentences in your own words on what that topic is about.

Hope that helps!


I often find myself writing lots of notes to help me remember or diagram stuff. But I usually throw away most of these notes and Google references after I have finished working through introductions to concepts. Physically writing stuff can help some people remember things, but that does not mean you are obligated to keep, clean, curate, and refer to those notes once they have been written.

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I sometimes write notes while studying here with FCC to reinforce the general idea of the lesson, but I don’t worry too much about the specifics. I learned to get comfortable with the idea that I’m not going to remember every single detail about a given concept.

The real learning for me happens as I’m tinkering away and discover what I really need to brush up on. At that point, I put comments in my code ( my “notes”) to remind myself what I’m doing or what is required to get the code to do what I want. That seems to be sufficient and lets me get more coding instead of note-taking done.

I also find it easier to remember where those comments/notes are if I need to revisit them if only because they were for little experiments and projects I came up with myself.

Taking notes on everything while learning a computer language is not that important. The best way is to try out all the examples, mini-projects which you come across while learning the language. The time that you could spend writing notes on the language itself will almost certainly be good to spent practicing writing some actual code.