Talented and Passionate Coder

Hi guys. I will just be brief and to the point. I am a mechanical engineer (as far as my degree is concerned) but I have had this passion for coding since my childhood. I couldn’t follow a career in coding back then but now I feel like I should make a move.
I really really like to code and time seems to fly by when I code. I tend to understand coding and develop algorithms and codes to solve problems with a lot of interest .
I started developing my skills using python and I have developed some skills, Alhamdulillah
I can scrape websites (including linkedin) using selenium, beautifulsoup4, handle pandas dataframes, make GUIs using tkinter,etc
What I have felt is that I learn more by doing it instead of taking courses. I am actually looking for an organization that might offer me an internship and get some work done related to data sciences and python done for free. Please let me know if anyone knows any such organization. Thanks.