Talk: Great brief history of WWW and CMS front- and backends. Helped me understand API and 'headless' better

Coming from old school handwritten HTML and CSS and server side database CMS’s like WordPress it is a challenge to figure out where newer terms like ‘headless’, ‘flat file’ and ‘static site’ fits in the picture.

So YouTube! Lots of great talks to be heard and I wanted to share this one in particular where Kristoffer Fredriksson races through how CMS front- and backends went bloaty before the rise of APIs. His slides and diagram overview is really good but if you only have 5 minutes check it out from here: What is Headless CMS and why should you care? - Kristoffer Fredriksson

He then shows how to bypass WordPress’ templating with a CSS grid based editor in his own frontend. No clue how that is done but the presentation is very clear nevertheless.

Stick around for some funny punchlines like ‘WYSIWIG is a lie!’ and ‘Your content should shine without building new templates!’