Tangent Labs Survey-Form

Please would you be so kind as to give me some feedback on my Survey- Form project :crazy_face:



I just noticed myself the radio buttons and the check-boxes are out of line with the text in chrome… hang on…

OK I fixed that at least! I should have checked it in Chrome…doh!

OK now can you check my page :alien: Pleeeeese

Your form looks good @tangent-man.

Nice use of the fieldset element.

I’d say the blue text on blue background may be hard to read for those with vision problems. If you tighten it up a little by reducing horizontal, vertical and blur it’d become a bit sharper. Perhaps 1px 1px 2px. It’s my opinion and I don’t often comment on someone’s design. Others views may differ.

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Yes, I agree, definitely some accessibility issues on the text on the background. Sometimes you can’t see for looking!

I’ve fixed it - the webserver seems a bit slow to react today for some reason.