Target Even Numbered Elements Using jQuery correction

This exercise asks us to

All the target elements that computer considers even should shake.
You should use the :even function to modify these elements.

Before that, it explained:

Note that jQuery is zero-indexed, meaning that, counter-intuitively, :odd selects the second element, fourth element, and so on.

This is not entirely obvious to everyone. Does everyone understand “zero-indexed”? Nope, indexing hasn’t been discussed yet, right, since we haven’t gotten into arrays and stuff. So, a little bit of clarification would help:

" Therefore, what you would normally consider even (targets 3 & 6) are actually considered odd by the computer, while targets 1, 5 & 2 are considered even."

Yes, I realize that if someone types in the wrong thing (odd) because they’re not looking at the UL on the bottom, they may notice they’ve selected the wrong buttons…But, as I mentioned elsewhere, not everyone is observant. Not everyone is a visually oriented learner. Heck, some visual learners can learn using videos but not using text. :open_mouth: :confused:

Probably not, but the only thing they have to understand at this point is that odd is :even and even is :odd.

Many of the suggestions you are making will not be relevant after the beta is rolled out. They have changed the order of the curriculum to better reflect what should be taught first.

It might be a better use of your time to work on the beta and open tickets for problems you see there. Just make sure to check if others have already opened tickets with the same issues.

I had been left with the impression that beta enrollment had been disabled or something…? I don’t mind starting over there, since I’m only 100+ exercises in. Point the way, please, so my input can be of more use. :sun_with_face: :

However, I also saw that beta efforts will not be rolled over to the new version, thus my efforts will be tossed out with the bath water…?

Just keep in mind, there are still many bugs (99% have been reported) which cause issues with passing some of the challenges with correct code.

Just save your code offline or push them to github, so you can put enter them in later to the rolled out version.

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Thanks @RandellDawson!

Yeah, I saw that mentioned, too. :frowning:

All of my code, or only projects? It is my understanding that I don’t have to redo challenges, just successfully complete the projects in the new release…?

Also, while signing in on beta, I clicked on: “Or click here if you want to sign in with other options.” and, on the linking sign-up page, I noticed this:

Note: We are unable to create new accounts using these methods now on.
If you haven’t updated your email with us, you should do that as soon as possible, after you login here, to avoid losing access to your account.

The bolded part is missing the word “from”, hence I suggest this change:
“Note: We are unable to create new accounts using these **methods from now on in this beta version.”

Other way around. Your projects will carry over but you’ll have to start over with the challenges. Your project code should always be saved, but if you back up your challenge solutions you’ll have a head start when moving to the new curriculum.

Um, what you wrote isn’t the “other way around” of what I wrote. It’s different; and what both of us wrote is correct, however the challenges aren’t required in the new curriculum. Please see @QuincyLarson’s messages in the beta threads, especially ones like: “Projects carry over, challenges don’t” comment.

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