Task Management Application

I’ve been practicing with javascript for a while now and haven’t been able to create any live project with it yet ( what is the essence of learning a skill and not able to apply it ?) – and then i went all in – I was able to roll out a BETA version of my task management application after one week of focused development ( it has been on hold since September with no tangible functionality ) and it was completely built with vanilla JS (ES6). It may not be at it’s best state, but it’s something that can grow and become better overtime :grinning:. Project codebase can be found on this repo.

This project is an open source project and every contribution is highly appreciated, so feel free to leave a contribution, you’re highly welcome.

The main and first reason i started this project was to increase my skills on Javascript (ES6) by building a working application (no one will improve my skill if i don’t :slight_smile:). Another reason was to open source a project (Yes, it’s my first project where Open Source is explicitly stated, it may not be the best project but that’s also OK). As an addition

  • I needed to learn how to open source a project and contribute to it’s growth overtime
  • I needed to kill the phobia i have for Open Source Project, so i can give contributions to other project as well.

In all, i’m still learning and trying to improve (I believe we all are), i will so much appreciate your comments regarding my approach, your suggestions ( or resources ) on ways to continue and improve. Thank you for reading and your feedback.