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Hello everyone,

My name is Faraj and I’m from Sweden. I would like to leave a question for you guys. See if you can provide me with the best advices that can help me to achieve my goal which is to be a good teacher and teach how to code. My hope for the future is to create and get started with a small company that serves the young students, by teaching how to code. But I have no idea where to get started and make a business plan!!


Hi @Apache2 !

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I don’t know how much programming experience you have because you didn’t mention that in your message.

But if you want to teach, you need to understand your audience.

The first step, and biggest step needs to be research first.

Get involved with the tech community.
Get involved with answering questions and participating in discussions on forums and discords.

Make an effort to learn about beginners and what they need.
What are things they are struggling with?
What are their end goals with learning to code?

Once you understand your audience, then you can create solutions for them.

Hope that helps!

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