Team tree house for javascript


NO matter what I do, I can NOT get my head around JAVASCRIPT! ive read books, ive completed an Udemys course by Rob Percival, but whenever I get down to doing exercises on FCC/Udacity I feel like Ive hit a brick wall. Was just wondering if anyone has had an experience with treehouse-is it worth buying the javascript full stack course?

Hi aroojmumtaz!!

You are on the right track, reading code is different from writing code.
Much like it is easy to read a recipe in a cook book than to actually cook. :smiley:

The only way you can wrap your head around “javascript” is to actively do it.
Reading books, completing tutorial is great but it won’t help with actually doing the skill.

To get better, just code. A lot. :smiley:


I’m right there with ya on hitting wall after wall when trying to write my own code … I don’t know about the Udemy course, but I’ve found where I finally passed the first two challenges … I’ve not been able to pass any challenges anywhere else … yet … just keep trying and plugging away … we’ll get there!

I want to second what @cowwy said … keep trying to code until it works … open a blank page in chrome and open the web dev tools and go to the console and just start playing with code you see elsewhere … when something works … play with it … change things up until you get a ‘feel’ for what works … or doesn’t … and why … this is how you’ll start to really understand the language.

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