Tearing my hair out here need some help please with CSS

Hi, and in advance thank you for any help.

I am designing this website on WordPress but I come across a problem, there is a code in the css somewhere that is causing a conflict with the design I know it must be in the css somewhere but I have searched for 8 hours trying to find it and I am not able to find it, can someone take a look at it for me and see if they can figure it out please.

The website project: Project site

If you hover over the price list or contact buttons they move the content and obviously I do not want that to happen, can anyone figure out what code is causing this.


It seems like your link is broken or your site is not published

I have looked and this is working it is a dev server so is online try it without the https: try this link instead: non ssl link

type in wordpress in the input box! all lower case

Greetings @obyonecannotbe76 ,

At a first glance, it seems like the navbar items are not properly placed. There would be no need to do margin-left: -30%;

If you don’t want to re-do the navbar from scratch, then you can make it work by applying a fixed width to the buttons. Add:

.navbar-expand-md .navbar-nav .nav-link {
  width: 140px;
  text-align: center;

@Queryeleison Thanks for your reply I will give this a go and see how it works out

to @ Catalactics Thanks for trying to help, I have been having issues with my internet as of late due to covid 19 and i get the page cannot be found issues quite a lot so it is possible that you where getting cannot be found or the message in screen shot you sent.

@Queryeleison Thanks you are a star, sometimes you can spend a long time looking at something and not see what is right in front of you . This resolved my issue big time.

Kudos to you!!