Tech Doc Left of bounding rectangle is not correct.: expected 0 to be at most -759.7000732421875?

can someone tell whats wrong
i’m going crazy

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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I notice some HTML errors.

    <div class="col-3" class="bar-white">
      <nav id="navbar" class="nav flex-column fixed-top" id="static">

Here - I don’t know what the behavior is if you split the classes into two class attributes. I definitely know that giving something two ids is bad.

        <header class="nav-pills"></header>Technical documentation</header>

This has two closing tags?

I see a closing body tag, but no opening.

I would want to clear up the app structure before continuing. Go to here, select the “Validate by Direct Input” and paste the code in. You can ignore the first three errors since you’re in codepen.

ok i got it
problem with fixed-top
it should be fixed-left
(looked the same :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:))

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Thanks I really didn’t noticed wrong tags and body
i’ve got more than 1 id because these id’s in task figure
in fact don’t involve them, use different often but must identify the object

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